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To connoisseurs of unique spirits, Tungi (pronounced Toon-jee) has been the discerning drinker’s best-kept secret since 1857. It is produced in a limited annual quantity only by one tiny family distillery on the most isolated and inaccessible island in the world –St Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean.  Tungi has finally made its entrance into the international marketplace 150 years after local St Helenians first combined with bored British garrison soldiers in this rugged Colonial outpost to distil prickly pear spirit from sweet cactus fruits, for trade with sailing ships which called for supplies from this ‘nautical service station’ in the middle of nowhere.

Tungi is the local name for prickly or cactus pears, which grow wild and organically in the dry coastal regions of the island. Tungi spirit is authentically hand-distilled and is extremely high-quality, rare, and distinctive in taste and style. Infinitely smoother than any tequila, less boring than any vodka, Tungi has its own fruity nose and a distinctive ‘double ripple’ on the palate, several seconds apart.

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